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Product Alert: Bicycle Locks

Caution: certain bicycle locks utilizing barrel-type keys, can be opened with a simple household object (which we're not divulging because we don't want to assist thieves).

Major lock maker Kryptonite is already offering a free upgrade that eliminates any risk. Please click here for complete information

If you're not sure about your lock's safety, please check with us. To ensure your bicycle's safety we have taken the precaution of removing ALL models of pickable locks from our inventory. And we're closely following this issue. As the manufacturers and our suppliers respond, we'll learn more.

To safeguard your bike against these new threats:
  • ALWAYS lock your bicycle. The vast majority of stolen bicycles were unlocked.
  • Use 2 different types of locks (photos, above), such as your U-lock and a cable or chain lock. Usually thieves will leave double-locked bikes alone because there are easier ones to steal and because they carry tools for one type.
  • Lock the frame and both wheels to an immovable and unbreakable object and one the bike can't be lifted off (if they can move the bike, they'll take it and break the lock at "home").
  • Secure your bicycle in a well-lit, busy place. Be sure to lock it carefully even here.
  • Lock your bike even in seemingly safe locations, such as your garage or hallway. Many bikes are stolen from garages and homes that were left open and unattended for just a few seconds.
  • Never leave your bike locked in one place for long periods of time, which gives thieves time to get the tools they need to violate the lock.
  • Whenever possible, bring your bicycle inside where you can watch it. Consider locking it, too, just in case anyone gets any ideas.