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Events Calendar

Here is a compilation of event information that we have received recently. Everything is correct to our knowledge but it is a good idea to verify info for yourself when links are provided. Please e-mail us and let us know of discrepancies if you find any. If you have any event info that you would like us to post, let us know by clicking on the "e-mail us" button in the banner at the top of the page. We will review the information and pending any corrections or concerns, we will post it on the board.

Upcoming Road Events

Weekly Rides

Day Start Time Description Location Phone

Saturday and Sunday

9:30 am

Mission Valley road race training rides

Mission Valley SC on Avent Ferry Road


9:30 AM

Rolesville Recovery Ride (40mi, 19mph)

Food Lion in Rolesville, NC (US401)


5.45 pm

Fast pace. A + B groups. 20-24 mph average.

Lowe's Foods Apex. Hwy 55 & Apex Peakway


5.45 pm

Fast pace. A group 23-24 mph average

Lowe's Foods Apex. Hwy 55 & Apex Peakway