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Finding the Right Fit!

Throughout our store we've arranged products and information to take you through five simple, logical steps to finding the best cycling products for your needs.

1) Decide how you want to ride.
We'll help you identify what type of terrain, roads or trails you may want to ride on - and find the style of bicycle designed to meet your riding needs.

2) Choose the frame that's right for you. How a bike rides is determined by the frame. Different brands of bikes have a different geometry and therefore, a different ride and fit. Test ride some today and see what feels good to you! Our staff will help you determine the right size frame for you.

3) Compare the specs. After the frame, evaluate a bike's wheels, suspension and drivetrain components. Our staff will help you decide how much component you should need for your riding style.

4) Maximize fun and performance with the right accessories. There's more to cycling than the bike. Find out what accessories you need for fun, safe rides. We make them easy to find and compare.

5) Get your new bike tuned to keep it running smooth.  We provide a year of free adjustments with every new bike we sell. Bring your new ride in when it starts to miss shifts or make unusual noises, or at the first sign of a problem. This will ensure that your new bike will not suffer any undue wear and tear.