Marzocchi Fork Recall: Models 888 RC3, 888 RC3 World Cup

Bottomed out Marzocchi 888 shown on right.

The manufacturing date can found on the back of the Marzocchi's lower crown.Tenneco-Marzocchi S.r.L., in conjunction with the US CPSC, and Tenneco-Marzocchi USA, is conducting a voluntary safety campaign for the Marzocchi Model Year 2008, model 888 RC3 and 888 RC3 World Cup fork suspension systems.

Marzocchi has learned that after a forceful landing, the fork can become completely compressed and “bottom out” (image left). The piston rod may collapse under the load of the landing. This prevents the suspension system from extending and returning to its original configuration. The fork spring will remain compressed inside the fork leg.

This recall affects Marzocchi 888 RC3 and 888 RC3 World Cup suspension forks manufactured between July 10, 2007 and September 15, 2007. The date of manufacture can be found on the crown (see images right and below).

The date is written in the format: T07D0905, where T07 = Year 2007, D09 = Month (September), and 05 = Fifth day of the month.

If you own a Marzocchi fork included in this recall, immediately stop using it and return it to an authorized Marzocchi retailer for The manufacturing date can found on the back of the Marzocchi's lower at no charge to you.

WARNING: If an unqualified mechanic attempts to repair the suspension fork, it may extend violently, ejecting the top cap or spring with significant force, resulting in personal injury.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Tenneco-Marzocchi USA
28476 Westinghouse Place
Valencia, CA 91355