Tandems let you ride in style!

Tandem rallys are a blast!

Join in the fun with a tandem of your own!

Think of all the places you'll go!

Jeff and Betsy having fun...

Mitch and Sherry



To find more info on tandeming check out these websites:

Sign up for local tandem ride information:


TailWind Tandem Club - www.tailwindtandemclub.com

Tandem Club of America - www.tandemclub.org

Tandem References & Resources at The Tandem Link - http://home.att.net/~thetandemlink/

Tandem@Hobbes - http://www-acs.ucsd.edu/home-pages/wade/tandem.html

Ride calendar: - http://home.att.net/~thetandemlink/RallyInfo.html