Topeak Joe Blow Comp Pump Recall

Topeak has been advised of an accident resulting in personal injury involving a Topeak Joe Blow Comp Pump. As a result of this accident, Topeak is initiating a product recall of all Topeak Joe Blow Comp Pumps that bear the following date codes (the date code is found on a sticker beneath the pressure gauge):

200003, 200004, 200005, 200006, 200007, 200008, 200009, 200010, 200011 200012, 200101, 200102, 200103, 200104, 200105, 200106, 200107, 200108

You may return the pump to us for an upgraded replacement (the Joe Blow PX) or, if you purchased the pump from us, we can give you a full refund. Also, you can handle replacement through Todson, Inc. by calling (800) 213-4561, ext. 354. Todson will send a replacement after arranging for a UPS pick-up of your Joe Blow Comp pump.