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Co-Motion Tandems

We proudly carry Co-Motion bicycles!

To founders Dwan Shepard and Dan Vrijmoet, the Co-Motion name represents the unique bond that people have with their bicycles. In 1988 their passion for pedal power, paired with more youthful exuberance than capital, led them to build the first Co-Motion bicycles in the town of Eugene, Oregon. From the outset, their lineup was unique, including tandems, rugged tourers, sleek roadsters, even amazing triples, quads and quints for taking the entire family along (photo)! Now, with several more employees, a beautiful new location and over two decades of history, the same passion that went into the first Co-Motions goes into every custom and stock model they build.


Co-Motion makes tandems with as many seats as you need!Cycling together creates memories that last a lifetime so the folks at Co-Motion put an emphasis on tandems for dynamic duos along with multi-rider mounts for families of all sizes. While they've long enjoyed a reputation for building nimble tandems that handle like singles, the innovation doesn't end there. They also offer full-on racing tandems, packable rides that break down to fit into luggage for globetrotters, and fully adjustable machines that will grow with your family. Truly, Co-Motion has elevated the tandem beyond the quaint "bicycle built for two."

Co-Motion touring bicycles are your ticket to two-wheeled adventure!Plus, if you want to pedal solo, Co-Motion offers a wide variety of ingenious standard bikes, too. Like tourers built with rugged tandem tubing and featuring heavy-duty tandem wheels so you can explore the most rugged country with the heaviest loads, worry-free. There are plenty of steel and aluminum Co-Motion beauties ready to show you how much fun your favorite route is on a hand-built bike, too. And, like their tandems, packable models are available so you can explore the world with your trusted steed. Co-Motion bicycles can be customized to your heart's content!

Co-Motion bicycles are as unique as their owners, and yours will be too. From custom frame sizing and geometry to the components package you've always dreamed of, the options for your perfect ride are endless. And, you have your choice of 30 paint colors with custom paint options available to make a truly individual statement!

There's a lot to love about Co-Motion bicycles. Swing by and let us show you!