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Shimano Shoes And Pedals Improve Every Ride!

Pump your pedal power in Shimano shoes and pedals!

Clipless shoes and pedals make bicycling easier! Like ski boots and bindings, the shoes click into the pedals letting you apply power throughout the pedal stroke increasing efficiency and control (climbing is much easier). Whether you're looking for your first clipless pedals or a top-end, race-ready upgrade, Shimano has what you need. Check out the shoes and pedals here and then come in and try some to see how much easier cycling can be!

Road Shoes
Shimano's SH-R215 bike shoes are top-of-the-line!Turning energy into pure forward motion, Shimano's SH-R215s are specifically built to handle the massive wattage doled out by professional road racers. Their super-stiff, contour-molded carbon soles and buckle-and-Velcro closures transfer every ounce of effort to the pedals while remaining exceptionally light for climbing. These shoes are nicely vented to keep your feet dry and cool even during 8-hour days in the saddle. The inners even emit an aromatic peppermint scent so your shoes will never repel others — at least when they're not on your feet.

Shimano SH-R130 cycling shoes make the miles fly by!The SH-R130 Shoes provide high-function features to riders on a not-so-high-society budget. They sport dual-strap and buckle closures for precise adjustment and a glove-like fit. Their stiff, lightweight carbon-reinforced soles are ultra efficient. Plus, the toe and heel tabs are great for walking so you can pick up a cup of java or a snack without slipping.
Mountain Shoes
The SH-M225s are the ultimate off-road bicycling shoes!The awesome SH-M225s are Shimano's ultimate off-road competition shoes. They feature carbon-reinforced soles that transfer every ounce of energy straight to the pedals. Their aggressive tread and toe spikes bite in for steep run-ups and shed, rather than hold, mud. Plus the buckle-strap and Velcro closures feature shape-retention padding, and molded heel supports for a great fit and unparalleled comfort. And these dogs are reinforced in all the right places for excellent durability.

Shimano's SH-MT50's are great for biking and hiking!The rugged SH-MT50s are ready for anything you can throw at them. Their dual-density midsoles and rubber soles are comfortable for walking and hiking, and offer excellent power-transfer for cycling. Shimano's MPS Power Straps secure the laces and provide excellent support. And, the casual styling means you'll look great enjoying your favorite post-ride beverage or walking around the office.

Cleat Compatibility
The common cleat patterns.
To mount your pedal cleats to your shoes (cleats are included with new pedals and sold separately), they must have matching bolt patterns. There are three configurations (diagram) used on cycling shoes, SPD-R, Look/SPD-SL and SPD. Road shoes feature one, two or even all three of these. Off-road shoes usually use the SPD pattern. If you're unsure what pattern your shoes use, please ask us. We're here to help!

Mountain Pedals

The Shimano PD-M959 pedals are ultra light!Shimano's M959s boast a secure, open binding system and light weight that sets the standard for pro-level off-road pedals. Flourine-coated binding claws allow easy entry and release, while the open binding mechanisms shed mud like you'll shed the competition. Other great features include durable chromoly axles with low-maintenance sealed bearings. The 959s are installed and removed with an 8-mm Allen wrench.

The Shimano MX30 pedals are super tough and grippy!

The PD-MX30 pedals are heavy duty to stand up to the toughest BMX, downhill and dual-slalom courses. They boast beefy cages with replaceable pins so you never have to deal with shoes slipping or losing your grip. Plus, the MX30s are built to handle hard riding with chromoly axles and sealed-cartridge bearings.

Road Pedals
The Shimano PD-6610 pedals are just like Lance's pedals; without the team price tag!
The PD-6610 SPD-SLs afford all the luxuries you expect from competition road pedals without the heavy price. These lightweight wonders sport wide platforms that improve foot stability, power transfer and comfort. Their low profile brings the feet closer to the pedal axles, too, so you maintain a lower center of gravity for better handling. And the near-vertical hanging position makes clipping in at stoplights and start lines super easy.
The Shimano PD-A520 pedals are efficient and easy to use!

The PD-A520s are affordable and easy to ride! Entry and exit is natural and the large platforms ease pedaling even when your cleats aren't engaged. These are excellent touring pedals thanks to the recessed cleats, which are ideal for walkable cycling shoes, a great way to go commuting and touring. You'll also appreciate the low-maintenance sealed bearings and dirt-shedding open design.

Any Questions?

We know how tricky choosing shoes can be and we're here to help! We're experts at fitting shoes and setting up cleats and pedals, so we're happy to recommend the size and style that fits you and your cycling best. We look forward to helping you soon!