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Specialized Shoes: Speed And Comfort!

Few items enhance your cycling as much as bicycling shoes. Their cleat-to-pedal interface allows applying power throughout the pedal stroke, which makes climbing much easier and lets you ride faster with the same effort. In designing their shoes Specialized enlists the help of leading medical authorities and the top professional cyclists. The result is some of the sweetest shoes you'll find with a truly custom fit, excellent ergonomics and maximum pedaling power — all at a great value. Learn more about these great shoes here and then drop by to try on a pair and feel the difference Specialized shoes make.

The S-Works road shoe fits, feels and looks great!
You'll ride like a pro in the S-Works road shoes. These amazing shoes boast Specialized's super-light and efficient carbon soles and Specialized's Boa rotary closure system. This ingenious “lace” instantly self adjusts to distribute pressure evenly across the foot. Additionally, these speed slippers feature Specialized's proprietary Body Geometry ergonomics, which ensure a perfect fit, reduce injuries and guarantee that every ounce of energy is turned directly into pedal power.
Specialized shoes keep your knees safe and sound!
Knee-friendly Support
Specialized shoes sport several ergonomic enhancements that add comfort and efficiency. They feature a Varus wedge (left: A) that slightly angles the forefoot to match its natural canted position. This brings the foot into full contact with the pedal and eliminates the rotational movement of the knee (knee "dive"), shin and forefoot (left: B & C). The resulting pedal stroke (left: D) is smoother and better aligned; eliminating knee pain and strain and improving power. You'll notice the difference right away.

The Comp Carbons give you the edge off road!
With the Comp Carbon, you get the pro-level efficiency of carbon plates with rugged thermoplastic outsoles and grippy treads. The great looking uppers are made from ultra-durable synthetic leather and mesh and feature 3 Velcro straps for an adjustable fit. And, the triple-density Body Geometry foot beds optimize your pedal power. Slip into the Comp Carbons and step up to a new level of mountain biking.

Specialized shoes pamper your feet, too!Unparalleled Foot Support
In addition to the knee-friendly Varus wedge, Specialized Body Geometry shoes feature special soles offering incredible stability, comfort and power transfer. The soles employ 3-material raised-metatarsal (E) button sections to spread the metatarsal bones and prevent nerves and blood vessels from being crushed during pedaling, which eliminates hot spots, swelling and discomfort. The raised arch supports (F) conform to your feet allowing greater stability and boosting pedal power, too.

Specialized's Sawpit shoes are perfect for freeride fun!

What’s in a name? Sometimes a lot. The namesake of this shoe is a famous NorCal trail that inspired the Sawpit’s full-function freeride design. In fact, there may be no condition too severe for this beast of a shoe. It’s a three-quarter-height design with fully lugged SPD-compatible soles, which are stiff for efficient pedaling while flexible enough for walking, too. Plus, the Body Geometry insoles provide awesome cycling efficiency. The Sawpits even sport carbon ankle plates for unsurpassed protection when the conditions get extreme.

The Proof's In The Power
With so many manufacturers claiming to improve power, it's hard to tell what's fact and what's fiction. Specialized went the extra mile and worked with Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Bolder Center for Sports Medicine to co-design and evaluate Body Geometry technology. The results, as published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, show a marked improvement in cycling efficiency with Body Geometry shoes.

The upper chart shows the average heart rate of the cycling sample group at 80% of their respective lactate thresholds. The different color bars represent samples taken at 30, 60 and 90 minutes. At each sample time cyclists in Body Geometry shoes had lower heart rates meaning they had less exertion.

The lower chart shows cycling efficiency by measuring time to exhaustion at VO2 max with and without BG shoes. The time to exhaustion was found to be a remarkable 24 seconds better with Body Geometry shoes. Imagine how much better you'll ride in Body Geometry shoes.

You'll tri harder in Specialized's Trivent shoes!

Developed for triathlete extraordinaire Peter Reid, the Trivent is an awesome tri shoe. It features ultra-stiff and light carbon soles with ultra-airy mesh uppers for maximum ventilation. Of course, the Body Geometry insoles position your feet for maximum pedaling efficiency, too. Another great advantage of the Trivent is the wide Velcro straps and heel pulls that make taking these shoes on and off during transitions a breeze.

Specialized's F.A.C.T. soles put more power to the pedals!Improved Power: F.A.C.T. or Fiction?
In the case of Specialized, it's fact, or more specifically: F.A.C.T., Specialized's Functional Advanced Composite Technology.

This results in incredibly light, stiff soles for outstanding power transfer. Go ahead, try to bend them. You can't! Every ounce of effort is transmitted directly to the pedals thanks to Specialized's F.A.C.T. carbon soles. Plus, their individually chromed strands actually reflect road heat to keep your feet cool on those pavement-melting days!

Specialized's Women's Sonomas are perfect for feminine feet!

You'll love the stylish look, the slipper-like feel and the versatility of the Women's Sonomas. They're the perfect do-all cycling shoes and crafted of smooth leather with Mary Jane style in a women’s-specific fit. They sport Specialized's Body Geometry ergonomics for excellent comfort, ultra-efficient pedaling and injury prevention. Plus, the soles flex enough for walking, too, so these shoes are as good on the bike as off.

Come in soon to try on a pair of Specialized's great cycling shoes!